UK healthcare AI companies to be aware of

Last updated: 11th October 2019

It’s useful to be aware of companies working in the healthcare AI space, whether it’s to understand the current state-of-affairs, to look for internships, future places to work or future organisations to collaborate with. Therefore, we’ve compiled some mini-profiles on the main UK-based companies doing work in the area.

Of course, the healthcare AI space is continually evolving, so we will endeavour to keep this list updated. We’ve included notes about career opportunities, but if there is other information you would like to know about each company, drop a comment at the bottom.

NOTE: This article is UK-specific. There are many, many more in the United States, as well as other countries.

The Alan Turing Institute (ATI)

The ATI is the UK’s national institute for data science and AI, and a big player in AI projects across multiple industries, healthcare included. They are open to collaboration with many of the big players in industry as well as supporting the education of new data scientists.

In their words: Our mission as the national institute for data science and artificial intelligence is to make great leaps in research in order to change the world for the better.

Careers opportunities:

  • They have studentships, internship and AI fellowships. For these roles they mostly interested in PhD/post-doc data scientists.
  • They occasionally recruit ‘junior data scientists’, with much lower requirements (a familiarity with Python or an alternative)
  • Keep an eye on

Deep Mind Health

Deep Mind is one of the world’s leading AI research companies and has made numerous large contributions to the field, including AlphaZero which learnt to play chess, shogi and Go at super-human level. The healthcare branch, Deep Mind Health, have also performed landmark research, including detecting retinopathy on retinal scans, planning radiotherapy for head and neck cancers and developing an app to detect acute kidney injury in real-time.

In their words: We set up DeepMind Health to put the UK’s most advanced technology at the service of patients, nurses and doctors.

Careers opportunities: Mostly require more specialist experience – check out

Babylon Health

Babylon are one of the top-funded private healthcare AI companies in the UK. They offer telemedicine GP consultations, as well as a chatbot symptom checker.

In their words: Babylon’s mission is to put an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of every person on earth.

Careers opportunities: They offer a ‘clinical AI fellowship’ for doctors above F2 level.

Ada Health

A chatbot symptom checker which provides a breakdown of the most likely conditions, and information about them. Started in Berlin but expanded to London and New York.

In their words: Your personal health guide - Created by doctors, scientists, and engineers to put free, AI-powered healthcare in everyone’s hands.

Careers opportunities: Mostly in Berlin.

Cera Care

A technology-enabled home care provider, who are looking to use artificial intelligence to improve the way we provide care for the elderly. Working on a project to predict when elderly people are becoming unwell, so that they can prevent admission to hospital.

In their words: We are committed to building the future of home care using technology to support your loved ones in the places they love.

Careers opportunities: They have a few internship opportunities available in London. Drop an email to if interested.


A company applying artificial intelligence to support drug development, through target identification, molecular design and analysis of existing research. Have been evaluated by investors as worth over $2 billion. Officers in London, Cambridge (UK) and New York.

In their words: Our platform of computational and experimental technologies and processes, drawing on vast quantities of mined and inferred biomedical data, can advance the entire drug development process.

Careers opportunities: A few clinical roles, which usually require specific experience (quality assurance, regulations, etc). Majority of roles are for people with formal machine learning experience.

Huma (formerly Medopad)

A company investigating new ‘digital biomarkers’ of disease to support management of a range of medical conditions.

In their words: By gathering digital biomarkers from patients in real life, we create insights that lead to tangible improvements in treatment and beyond. We partner with some of the world’s most innovative and imaginative technology companies. We work alongside scientists, healthcare, pharma professionals, and governments to solve healthcare’s biggest problems.

Career opportunities: There are a few clinicians on the team, and they periodically recruit more, so check out


GTN are another company applied machine learning to improve drug discovery. They’re a younger company than BenevolentAI and have correspondingly received less funding. Based in London.

In their words: “A Quantum Leap in Drug Discovery”

Careers opportunities: None aimed at medics, although some roles for people with some experience of data and research. See

Pharmaceutical Companies

There are many of the ‘more traditional’ pharmaceutical companies who are exploring the use of artificial intelligence.

Anyone with a background or interest in drug development may be interested in working for these companies.

We won’t list them here for the time-being, mostly because there are a lot of them, but drop a comment below if interested and we can do so in the future.

Edge Health

Use machine learning and data analytics to improve healthcare efficiency, including theatre scheduling and modelling the effects of cancer funding.

In their words: Better performance and outcomes - driven by economics and data science, grounded in how organisations work.

Careers opportunities: Looking for analysts, consultants and data scientists. See

Kheiron Medical

Creating a deep learning algorithm to improve breast cancer screening. They were the first UK company to receive the ‘CE mark’ for deep learning software in radiology, and are currently running multi-centre clinical trials to evaluate their software.

In their words: Our mission is to help radiologists detect breast cancer earlier using deep learning.

Careers opportunities: See


Have developed an algorithm to automatically diagnose Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) via ultrasound. Have a partnership with Oxford University, and were supported by Entrepreneur First.

In their words: We have created the world’s first software to diagnose a deadly condition called Deep vein Thrombosis (DVT).

Careers opportunities: None advertised on the website. Consider reaching out to

We hope that’s helpful. Any that we’ve missed out? Anything you want to add? Drop a comment below.