My website is the home base for my thinking and writing

At the current moment on the internet, most consumption of the type of ideas I like to think and write about are on platforms like Substack, Twitter and YouTube.

Therefore, logically it makes sense for me to make content available on these platforms as you try to grow an audience. This point was made in The Art and Business of Online Writing by Nicolas Cole.

However, right now (2023-02) my focus is on really up a written body of thought. There’s additional friction and effort required to package up ideas to be shared on other platforms. Content shared on different platforms is best done in a format native to that platform

Also, I’m thinking very long-term and there’s platforms evolve and change. The most resilient to change is a central repository of information (like a personal website) and a way to direct message people interested in your work (like a mailing list).

At some point, once I feel I’ve reached a “critical mass” of thought-work, I’ll start to transition part of my effort towards disseminating these ideas. I’m also thinking about tools I could build to make this easier, such as a tool for simultaneously outputting ideas into a native format for different platforms.