An Indiepreneurs Log

This is a space to document learning and thoughts as I build in public.

The intention is to prompt my own reflection and create a log of thoughts for myself and others.

This is experimental right now. I’m thinking how I can make this something very frictionless, and therefore that I’m able to maintain for a long time.


  • Awesome chat with a friend on Wednesday, who gave me low-down on building with large language models and we brainstormed a few different ideas in the academia-semantic search space.
  • Have paused work on language learning with AI tool. Partly because more excited by academic research space, and partly because I feel that building a language learning AI tool requires quite a lot that the large language model won’t solve itself. A lot to package around it, which would take a lot of dev work.
  • Built my first streamlit app. Really quick, and looks decent.