I love and struggle to write

For many years, I found it hard to write. I think it’s because I wasn’t used to thinking too hard.

I felt the inclination to start writing a blog in 2015. It may sound dramatic, but everything in my life felt unclear and writing felt like a mechanism for gaining clarity.

At times, it provided this clarity. But mostly, it was hard and painful. (And the resultant blog pretty bad 😛)

I want to say “I kept going and continually got better”, but this is only half-true. I went through phases of writing a lot, then phases of not writing so much. (One thing I’ve noticed is that the periods where I write more are the periods where I make better decisions.)

Over time, though, it did get easier. Obsidian helped a lot by reducing the friction to writing.

And now, I find writing to be something I love to do, something I struggle to do and my best tool for decision-making - all at the once.

I heard once that you should try to write a piece of work that lives beyond you. I don’t know if I will, but I do know that I’m going to love trying.